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Sink you teeth into our juicy new dishes

The MASH menu has changed – have you explored the new menu yet?  We’ve unveiled the new menu and the first guests have already munched on our new starters, sides and desserts – and of course our amazing steaks, but there’s nothing new about them. Under Starters we’ve added several new tasty dishes to the card; you can start out light with a Salmon Ceviche with ginger, chili and...

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… Are you ready?

On the 1st of October we’re changing the MASH menu, and the change offers new starters, more options and of course a bunch of new wines and cocktails for the cold season! We won’t reveal too much yet, but we can promise you that we’re excited for October 1st! We haven’t made many alterations to our world class steaks – they can hardly get any better. But we have some new starte...

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French Flair at Holzhafen: Bistro Sommelier Hamburg

Hamburg, September 2018: Savoir vivre – the French way of life in the middle of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The new Bistro Sommelier just opened at Holzhafen terraces. From now on, the exciting brasserie and wine bar concept welcomes all inhabitants, neighbours and visitors of Hamburg with French nonchalance, exceptional wines and Mediterranean cuisine.  About Bistro Sommeli...

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MASH fills the ultimate barbecue sausage with Danish beef

Press release: The Steakhouse's latest culinary invention is the barbecue sausage to rule them all. The team behind the steakhouse brand MASH are after 9 months of research and tests ready with their take on the world’s greatest barbecue sausage. True to the steakhouses DNA, MASH has chosen to use prime quality beef spiced with herbs found during Summer in Denmark. The MASH sau...

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Rosé guide: Four rosé wines you should drink this Summer

Summer has arrived and as always many Danes enjoy chilled rosé in ample amounts as soon as the opportunity arises. Unfortunately not many people know what characterises a good rosé. Jess Kildetoft, Master Sommelier and Wine Director at MASH has made this guide to four rosé wines you should taste this Summer.  Danes love rosé. Especially as soon as Summer arrives. The chilled wi...

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