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At Restaurant Levi, we aim to create simple and irresistible dishes. Here you can let yourself be seduced by the dishes and linger in the pleasure of surprise when Italian and Japanese food culture come together. Every time we (re)visit the honest and simple Italian cuisine, we are overwhelmed by how little it takes to create an irresistible taste. At the same time, we are captivated by the elegance and constant balancing on a knife edge that we find in Japanese cuisine. We are delighted by the exotic ingredients and the many unexpected flavours. When our chefs pull the apron strings, they are forced to experiment in the meeting of the two approaches. Thus, the weekly menu at Restaurant Levi is the result of a constant search and curiosity that characterises our cuisine.

It has always been a dream of ours to create a place that oozes love for Italian food and especially wine. Restaurant Levi is just that. We have filled the wine cellar with crisp whites, sparkling bubbles and deep reds – mainly from Italy, but producers from many other countries have also found their way. We know most of the wines and don’t expect you to. At Levi’s, we make an effort to listen to your preferences and choose just what makes your encounter with the glass special, without demanding your wine knowledge.