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Le Sommelier



Bistro Sommelier

Built on a solid foundation

In addition to the concept, food and unique experience, the platform for our success is also due to the individuals with various areas of expertise, who are behind the scenes driving the process and propelling the business forward.

With MASH, Jesper Boelskifte and Mikkel Glahn are responsible for innovation and development of the concept, the brand and the core business of running the restaurants. They work closely with CFO Stig Bergstrøm, because all good decisions are made together with numbers and figures. 

Erik Gemal is a master at managing and motivating staff. He has exceptionally high standards when it comes to quality, with a focus on taste and choice of wine. He is overall responsible for ensuring a consistent food experience every day, all week, in each restaurant and city - whether in Denmark, England, Germany or elsewhere. 

In terms of customer experience, our staff have an amazing talent for keeping an eye on all the tables simultaneously whilst giving the impression that they are dedicated to only one - yours. 

Armed with this winning team of owners, partners and experts in gastronomy and the restaurant business, MASH has paved the path for our proven track record and formula for success.