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Brand identity

Of course, fundamental to any restaurant is the food, drinks, service and setting. For Copenhagen Concepts, it’s very much the unique atmosphere and experience of each restaurant which defines the brand identity.

All of which has played a significant role in the remarkable success of all our restaurants. MASH is Copenhagen Concepts’ strongest brand based on a complete concept, structure and strategy. Since its inception in 2009, the MASH brand has generated a lot of publicity, recommendations and media hype locally as well as in London, where MASH opened its doors in 2012. In Copenhagen, the MASH brand alone generates ad value in social media and press for USD 55,000 per month without a single dollar spent on advertising.

The brand platform for MASH is designed so it can be localised to any market with only a few changes. There are many similarities in the design and concept in the restaurant itself, which can easily be adapted, including the same superior quality meat, which characterises MASH and the other Copenhagen Concepts restaurants. We target high-end customers who appreciate superlative quality and unique dining experiences.