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Le Sommelier



Bistro Sommelier



Modern American Steak House. We’ve taken the best from the real American steakhouse tradition. Namely, large steaks cut from some of the best cattle in the world.  Here we add innovation, an amazing wine list to match the high quality beef, and a design that enhances the experience. All served together with a solid background of expertise. 

A passion for our profession. Sky-high ambition. And the enthusiastic spirit we bring to everything we do. This is – in short – the essence of MASH.  

MASH will be recognised as one of the world’s best steakhouses. When our guests visit us in Denmark and elsewhere in Europe.

We will always seek perfection and pursue a total experience for customers – from booking a table to the bill for the meal to getting their jackets before they go. We create the utmost ambience for customers. Our ultimate quest is to deliver exceptional experiences.

At MASH we offer an atmospheric environment and top notch quality which makes our guests want to come back again. And again. Our passionate, dedicated staff create and deliver a total experience, from the extra seasonings for the main course to the absolute world-class wine to enhance the taste even more.

We're not called Nike, Louis Vuitton or Apple. We're called MASH. A fact we are very proud of! At MASH we can be something that no one else in the industry can. And we want something that no one else wants. We will be one of the world's best steakhouses. We say it loud, and we make it our ambition and our goal every single day. As a cooperating MASH partner, you play an important role in achieving that goal. We are looking for like-minded partners with the same level of ambition professionalism and thoroughness. Someone with knowledge of the local business and insights into the cultural climate. These elements are essential for ensuring the success of any MASH restaurant.