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Copenhagen Concepts is based on a set of values that all employees live and breathe. We are hard working, dedicated and strive to achieve excellence in everything we do. Professionalism is a high priority and something we apply throughout and in every link of the chain - from the first ideas for a new restaurant, the raw ingredients and the chefs in the kitchen, to the in-depth knowledge of wine, superior service, atmosphere and customer experience. For Copenhagen Concepts, professionalism is an on-going goal in the way we operate and co-operate. 


Do it properly right from the start. It’s an approach that underlines absolutely everything that Copenhagen Concepts do. For example, before the opening of MASH in Copenhagen, London, Düsseldorf and Hamburg, our teams spent two years travelling around the world to research the best steaks, service and the right customer segment.

The grand opening of a restaurant is always considered “the big day”. But at Copenhagen Concepts, we put great importance on every day in the process prior to the launch of a new restaurant. Countless considerations and decisions need to be made. Not only does the meat and wine have to be perfect, so do our locations. The city, its history and culture. The neighbourhood, as well as other restaurants and businesses nearby. 

All of these elements need to be evaluated. Not to mention the design, interior and atmosphere. To this end, we work in close cooperation with Mike Duncalf, a famous designer who, together with the contractor, ensures that Copenhagen Concepts’ DNA is present in any new restaurant location. 


Copenhagen Concepts puts an effort into running businesses built on professionalism. The process of opening a new restaurant is closely supervised by our CFO and we are proud to present a high turnover in all of our restaurants. 

Our experience has shown that a Copenhagen Concepts restaurant contributes to developing the neighbourhood. Having a restaurant which attracts high-end customers every day helps to develop the city life of the surrounding area. We see it as our obligation to continuously strive to contribute to the neighbourhoods and cities wherever we have a business venture.