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Sink you teeth into our juicy new dishes

MASH Food H 370

The MASH menu has changed – have you explored the new menu yet? 

We’ve unveiled the new menu and the first guests have already munched on our new starters, sides and desserts – and of course our amazing steaks, but there’s nothing new about them.

Under Starters we’ve added several new tasty dishes to the card; you can start out light with a Salmon Ceviche with ginger, chili and cilantro or Grilled Shrimps with parsley and lemon. If you want to stay warm during the colder days to come, try our Oxtail Consume or treat yourself with our light Lobster Risotto. 

Of course we still have a Tartare on the menu, our Cured Tartare made with Tenderloin and rye croutons and our Tuna Tartare is still a favourite that we wouldn’t dream of parting with a long with some of our other classics.

We haven’t made any changes to our juicy steaks, since they can’t possibly get any better. We do have new sides to keep them company, amongst others the Spicy Edamame Beans and Sautéed Cabbage with vinaigrette and truffle – yes, you might have to come by for several visits to try it all.

Especially if you want to leave room for dessert like our classic Cremé Brûlèe with Strawberry-Rhubarb sorbet or our new velvety soft Coconut Dream with chocolate and coconut ice cream.

Feeling hungry? Hurry up and book a table at your nearest MASH restaurant to taste all the delights yourself.

See the new menu here.