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World’s Best Steak at MASH


We’re proud to present this steak on MASH's menu — and it’s not just any steak. In fact, it was awarded the highest possible accolade at the World Steak Challenge 2022: World’s Best Steak. 

Akune Gold, as the World’s Best Steak is named, is now on the MASH menu; an A5 Striploin, approx. 200 grams. Akune Gold has a very limited availability and is the most special experience for any meat lover, so we are excited to serve you this tasting experience at MASH. 

The mest is Japanese Wagyu, which originates from Kagoshima. Here, Japanese cattle are raised according to ancient traditions dating back centuries, resulting in the world’s — probably — most beautiful meet. The Kagoshima area is particularly blessed with nature, which Akune takes advantage of in the cattle farming. The meat processing industry is supported by rich natural resources, including fresh water, and the climate is perfectly ideal for this type of cattle. It is therefore not surprising that the largest number of Wagyu cattle in Japan are raised here. 

Pedigree protection ensures world-renowned trademark  

Wagyu cattle were originally raised in ancient Japan as working cattle. Since the 1900s, the breed has been known as Wagyu Black cattle and is highly appreciated for its marbling. Indeed, the cattle breed has a rich, bold intramuscular marbling, which is even its world-renowned trademark. 

Japanese farmers work hard year after year to protect the breed’s fine, refined pedigree and pass it down through the generations so that the quality of the meat is constantly maintained and even refined. At the same time, the calves are registered with a certificate that can trace their ancestry back several generation. This ensures the protection of the true Wagyu pedigree. 

Raised with ethics and diligence, love and care

Akune Gold’s roots are to be found in Akune City, Kagoshima, with establishment in 1957, and ever since Akune has been working to refine their Wagyu technology among other things. Their core mission is to tell the world about Akune Gold’s incredible taste that comes from each cattle being raised ethically and with care from the farmers. This is the fundamental reason for their success and high quality standards. 

The Akune Gold cattle are fed protein-rich grass and rice husks, an ingredient with close ties to Japan’s rice industry, they live in clean, fresh air and access spring water. They are also fed compound diets containing many grains to ensure proper nutritional balance. The diet is thus rich in carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients at different stages of the cattle’s life cycle, promoting high quality and marbling of the meat.  

Of course, we recommend that you enjoy the steak grilled medium-rare at MASH, as this ensures both the roasting crust and a buttery inside. Look forward to tasting the world’s best steak at MASH and get one of the greatest tasting experiences. 

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