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Danish plated

On the 1st of October we’re changing the MASH menu, and the change offers new starters, more options and of course a bunch of new wines and cocktails for the cold season!

We won’t reveal too much yet, but we can promise you that we’re excited for October 1st!

We haven’t made many alterations to our world class steaks – they can hardly get any better. But we have some new starters on the menu, som new desserts – and it’ll get easier to bring your meat-denying friends to MASH.  

We have introduced a vegetarian burger to the menu, and as always, we have two fish dishes, in case you’re low on Omega-3. 

On the dessert menu you’ll find both classics and delicious newcomers. The one thing we’ll reveal at this time is that your prayers have been heard … a French classic has made it’s way back on the menu. 

Can’t wait to dive into our new dishes or is it just too long since you sinked your teeth into our amazing steaks?

Then book a table now!