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MASH Aarhus is awarded the Michelin stars of the wine world

Press release: MASH is known for the highest quality meat, and now MASH Aarhus can officially claim a world class winelist as well. At the magazine, The World of Fine Wines’, annual award ceremony, the wine-equivalent of the Michelin stars were awarded and MASH Aarhus received to out of three stars. 13 restaurants in Denmark received stars, mainly Michelin-restaurants such as G...

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MASH launches world class brunch in Bredgade

At MASH Skovriderkroen in Charlottenlund something very special happens every Saturday and Sunday. Danes flock to the restaurant when it is converted into a true brunch paradise. Citizens of Copenhagen can now look forward to this very brunch when MASH Bredgade on March 4th launches what they call a world class brunch. Brunch is one of the most well established weekend rituals....

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Press Release: Copenhagen Concepts are expanding south with MASH and Le Sommelier

Behind the succesful steakhouse brand MASH is Copenhagen Concepts, who are also responsible for the French Le Sommelier and the Japanese/French Umami. In the beginning of March 2017 Copenhagen Concepts will expand the franchise with two restaurants, MASH and Café du Sommelier in the Andreas Quartier in Düsseldorf Altstadt.  Since Copenhagen Concepts opened MASH on Bredgade in t...

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MASH has opened its doors in Odense

Today, Copenhagen Concepts has opened their 9th MASH restaurant in Denmark's third-largest city.The people of Odense can now enjoy a piece of exquisite MASH-caliber meat without crossing any bridges. MASH has settled into Odense's historical city center and opened the doors to a stylish bar, seats for 110 restaurant guests and an exclusive private dining room. Copenhagen Concep...

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Congratulations to us!

This September it’s been 19 years since we opened our very first restaurant, Le Sommelier, which started us on the journey that had us found Copenhagen Concepts 10 years later – and the journey is no where near over. A lot has happened in the past 19 years, both good and bad – luckily, mostly good, which is why we’re here today with nine MASH restaurants, both in Denmark and ab...

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