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MASH awarded London Restaurant of the Year 2013

Copenhagen Concepts are delighted that MASH London has been awarded London Restaurant of the Year 2013. The London Lifestyle Awards showcase the best businesses, people and places - and the fantastic achievements within the lifestyle industry that contribute to making London the exciting cosmopolitan it is. The awards party at The Troxy, on 23rd October, was a star-studded even...

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The Sixth Element

Words by Julie Ralph Umami is the fifth flavor found in Japanese food, along with sweet, sour, bitter and salty. It also refers to an extra mmmm factor meaning delicious taste. But there’s a sixth element at this Japanese restaurant with a French accent. Atmosphere. From the exterior, you can’t help but notice the sculptural curtain with color-changing lighting, which also appe...

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Meat Me at MASH

By Julie Ralphs MASH is an acronym for Modern American Steak House. A high-end restaurant that recently opened in Copenhagen, offering the real deal in terms of top USDA Prime quality and more. With an ambience that’s almost like you’re in mid-town Manhattan. In the States, some steak houses have attained cult status and are like cultural institutions. The most famous carry wit...

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