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MASH Aarhus is awarded the Michelin stars of the wine world

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Press release: MASH is known for the highest quality meat, and now MASH Aarhus can officially claim a world class winelist as well. At the magazine, The World of Fine Wines’, annual award ceremony, the wine-equivalent of the Michelin stars were awarded and MASH Aarhus received to out of three stars. 13 restaurants in Denmark received stars, mainly Michelin-restaurants such as Geranium, AOC and Kadeau – MASH Aarhus was the only restaurant in Jutland to make the cut. 

Every year the renowned and award-winning magazine, The World of Fine Wine, awards restaurants with an exceptionally great winelist with either 1, 2 or 3 stars. This year MASH Aarhus wasn’t just awarded two stars for their prestigious winelist, but also received the jury award for their exceptional list of American wines.

Amongst the nearly 5000 qualifying wine lists worldwide, 13 Danish restaurants received stars. As the only restaurant outside the Capital region, MASH Aarhus was awarded stars. In the 6 months that have gone by since sending in their winelist, MASH Aarhus has added between 50 and 100 wines to their list, which now counts about 600 wines. 

It’s a great honor and recognition of our work, when we’re awarded to stars and a jury award for our selection of American wines, says a proud Jens Peter Nebsbjerg, Head Sommelier at MASH Aarhus.

MASH Aarhus on the wine map
When The World of Fine Wine awards their stars, the focus is on the broad and exciting winelist. The stars were awarded for the first time in 2014, but has already received praise as the wine equivalent of the Michelin-stars, letting wine lovers across the globe know where to go.

The two stars will therefor be putting MASH Aarhus on the wine map. Amongst the three owners of the MASH chain, two of them are sommeliers themselves, and with three further sommeliers at the restaurant in Aarhus – besides Head Sommelier Jens Peter Nebsbjerg, it’s Emil Kehlet and Wine Director Fredrik Hierner – the international acclaim might not be that surprising. 

Most people know that at MASH, we care about serving meat of exceptional quality and matching wines, and I’d think, that we are the restaurant brand in Denmark with the biggest focus in wine service. Through the years we’ve had a tradition of having the most sommeliers, and some of the best in Denmark at that, says Wine Director Fredrik Hierner.

MASH Aarhus hasn’t found their way to the list on their one. MASH London has been on the list since the beginning in 2014, and has this year received the finest marks, three stars, for the third year in a row!