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MASH has opened its doors in Odense

MASH Odense 52 Large

Today, Copenhagen Concepts has opened their 9th MASH restaurant in Denmark's third-largest city.

The people of Odense can now enjoy a piece of exquisite MASH-caliber meat without crossing any bridges. MASH has settled into Odense's historical city center and opened the doors to a stylish bar, seats for 110 restaurant guests and an exclusive private dining room.

Copenhagen Concepts predict a growing market for high-quality restaurant chains in Odense, which will be the last new place in Denmark where they open up a new MASH restaurant. From here on, they will focus on expansion abroad.

Copenhagen Concepts look forward to giving the guests an extraordinary service experience in the new restaurant, and you can see a selection of photos from it below.

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MASH Odense 22 Large

MASH Odense 59 Large

MASH Odense 704 Large