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MASH opens on Gammel Kongevej 116

In september MASH announced that the partners behind the restaurant was looking at locations on Frederiksberg. Now everything is settled and MASH can announce the adress and opening date for the steak empires eleventh restaurant.  Copenhagen Concepts, the company behind the succesful MASH restaurants in Denmark, England and Germany, have long been keeping an eye out on Frederik...

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MASH celebrates one year in Odense by launching a delicious competition

The Steakhouse restaurant on Flakhaven celebrates its one year anniversay by giving away a birthday dinner for 10 people at MASH. On December 6th it’s exactly a year ago to the day, that MASH opened its doors with delicious cocktails, juicy steaks and great wines. The reception and interest from the inhabitants, politicians and businesses was overwhelming and gave MASH a great ...

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Press release: Copenhagen Concepts closes UMAMI and Le Sommelier

Copenhagen Concepts, who are behind the restaurants MASH, UMAMI and Le Sommelier, has chosen to focus on MASH and have therefor decided to close UMAMI and Le Sommelier per December 31st 2017. The leases will be taken over by SOVINO GRUPPEN, but what they will do with the spaces are unknown.  The reason for closing the two restaurant concepts is that Copenhagen Concepts wants to...

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MASHs guide to Düsseldorf

Is a brand new MASH and a wonderful café enough to travel for? Absolutely, but there are several other good reasons for visiting the historical city of Düsseldorf in western Germany. As you have probably seen, MASH has recently opened a new restaurant in the attractive Andreas Quartier in Düsseldorf. And furthermore, our sister restaurant Le Sommelier has opened a café right ne...

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MASH Confirms: We’re looking at locations on Frederiksberg

MASH’s opening in Odense in December last year should have been the last restaurant in Denmark. But growth spurts and loyal guests in Copenhagen has made MASH look at new locations for a restaurant on Frederiksberg. Residents of Frederiksberg with a love of juicy steaks and exquisite wines can now look forward to a MASH restaurant as a neighbour. Copenhagen Concepts, the compan...

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