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MASHs guide to Düsseldorf

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Is a brand new MASH and a wonderful café enough to travel for? Absolutely, but there are several other good reasons for visiting the historical city of Düsseldorf in western Germany.

As you have probably seen, MASH has recently opened a new restaurant in the attractive Andreas Quartier in Düsseldorf. And furthermore, our sister restaurant Le Sommelier has opened a café right next door called Café du Sommelier.

The area surrounding the restaurants is one of the best in the city. Here you can find an open and international atmosphere while historical houses and buildings frame the scene. At MASH you can enjoy our juicy steaks and classic sides in these beautiful surroundings, while Café du Sommelier will treat your taste buds with breakfast or classic French bistro dishes. 

But how will you spend your time before and after pampering your palate? We have five tips for Düsseldorf: 

1. A walk by the Rhine
Right at the end of the street from the restaurants the city opens up and makes room for the majestic Rhine. Here you can stroll along the river and take in the lights and atmosphere of the city – the perfect way to digest a great meal. 

2. Altstadt
The old city center in Düsseldorf is only a short walk from MASH. Here the essence of Düsseldorf is concentrated in just one square kilometer, a place known for all the beer halls known as ‘the worlds longest bar counter’. Take care not to get too comfy, here the beer just keeps flowing.

3. Königsallee
How do you attract appetite before a trip to MASH? By going shopping, of course. The street known by the locals as Kö is a shoppingstreet ripe with ripped bank accounts. Here you can shop amok in international stores with wellknown brands while soaking up the vibe of the city.

4. MedienHafen
In many European cities the harbour has become a modern metropolis. In Düsseldorf the old harbour has been incorporated in the design of the new architecture. The harbour is now a spectacular mix of glittering windows and old warehouses. If you enjoy design and architecture, you don’t want to miss this beautiful place.

5. Kaiserswerth
In the northern part of Düsseldorf you’ll find the cosy Kaiserswerth. Here you can stroll through charming, baroque houses from the 17th and 18th centuries and enjoy classic German treats. Visit the ruins of the famous Barbarossas royal palace, dating back all the way to the 10th century – all of this is located on the banks of the Rhine, so you can take a romantic boat trip back to Altstadt afterwards. 

Convinced? Yup, Düsseldorf is definitely worth a visit. See you there!

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