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MASH opens on Gammel Kongevej 116

Nyhedsbillede 11

In september MASH announced that the partners behind the restaurant was looking at locations on Frederiksberg. Now everything is settled and MASH can announce the adress and opening date for the steak empires eleventh restaurant. 

Copenhagen Concepts, the company behind the succesful MASH restaurants in Denmark, England and Germany, have long been keeping an eye out on Frederiksberg. The partners has been searching for the perfect location for the signature read leather, juicy steaks and world class wines for a year, and now the contract is finally signed. MASH will move into the old bank building in the middle of Gammel Kongevej, in number 116 to be exact – with the first day of service expected to be around mid-January.

- We are very happy to come to Frederiksberg and with a really good placement in the middle of Gammel Kongevej. All our restaurants have their own characteristics and MASH Frederiksberg will be something special with a focus on a big and welcoming bar, a central meeting point both for lunch and dinner, says Mikkel Glahn, Marketing Manager and Partner in Copenhagen Concepts.

Mayor of Frederiksberg, Jørgen Glenthøj (C) is excited about having a MASH in their part of town:

- I heartily welcome MASH to Frederiksberg. The restaurant will contribute to even more life on Gammel Kongevej and will be an active part of the succesful restaurant- and café life on Frederiksberg, says Jørgen Glenthøj, Mayor of Frederiksberg.

Frederiksberg residents love to eat locally
MASH, who has restaurants on Bredgade, on the top of the Tivoli Hotel and in Skovriderkroen, has learned that many residents on Frederiksberg prefer to eat locally.

- To be able to walk or cycle to a good restaurants in the neighbourhood is highly valued on Frederiksberg, and this is one of the reasons why I’m so happy about our central location, which I expect will be a popular place for both lunch, dinner and in the bar after dinner, or just for people coming in off the street looking for a great glass of wine. We’ll be bringing our well-known and popular menu of starters, steaks and sides, and will continually add seasonal dishes to the board, says Mikkel Glahn.

MASH is growing
On December 6th MASH’ newest restaurant in Denmark, in Odense, can celebrate its 1st birthday. In October a MASH restaurant opened in Düsseldorf, and Copenhagen Concepts is always talking to landlords abroad about establishing more MASH restaurants. 

- I have a good feealing about MASH on Frederiksberg. It’s a good match, I think. Our experiences from opening ten MASH restaurants tells me, that it’s a solid concept – as long as we have the right location, and Gammel Kongevej is just that, says Jesper Boelskifte, CEO of Copenhagen Concepts.

MASH’ team of employees on Frederiksberg is coming together, but there is still room for more, preferably from the local area on Frederiksberg. Read more.