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Did you forget the goose?

On Saturday it’s Mortensaften, and no matter if you prefer duck or goose, we’ve got a steak that can beat them both.  If you don’t feel like putting on the chef’s hat and experimenting with a whole goose or duck sous vide, then stop by MASH and get all of the cosyness and the grand dining experience – with none of the work.  With our delicious cuts from Uruguay, Denmark and Ame...

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Make new traditions

Not a big fan of herring and schnapps either? Christmas Lunch is what you make it – and at MASH we strive to make your Christmas Lunch a success. It’s not everybody who’s looking forward to herring by the pound and an implied pressure to drink as much schnapps as possible. At MASH we regard the Christmas Lunch as an opportunity to enjoy good food in good company – and with good...

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New Years Eve at MASH

Do you want to celebrate the new year in safe hands with amazing food, world class wine and great service? Then New Years Eve at MASH is a must.  We will be serving a la carte from 5.30PM and a special 4-course New Years Menu with champagne and an optional wine menu at all our Danish MASH restaurants from 8PM (Airport excluded). At MASH Penthouse the 4-course dinner and wine me...

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Sink you teeth into our juicy new dishes

The MASH menu has changed – have you explored the new menu yet?  We’ve unveiled the new menu and the first guests have already munched on our new starters, sides and desserts – and of course our amazing steaks, but there’s nothing new about them. Under Starters we’ve added several new tasty dishes to the card; you can start out light with a Salmon Ceviche with ginger, chili and...

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… Are you ready?

On the 1st of October we’re changing the MASH menu, and the change offers new starters, more options and of course a bunch of new wines and cocktails for the cold season! We won’t reveal too much yet, but we can promise you that we’re excited for October 1st! We haven’t made many alterations to our world class steaks – they can hardly get any better. But we have some new starte...

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