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The new menu is here!

Nage med musling korrekt

No, it’s not an April’s Fools joke. Today the menu is changing at MASH in Denmark and we have new delicious starters, sides and desserts to enjoy in the sun. 

And of course we’ve changed all our cuts for lentil patties. Okay, that was an April’s Fools. 

No, we haven’t touched our delicious meat, but we have made some changes to our starters, sides and desserts – and of course we’ve also added new wines and cocktails to the menu.

For a starter you can now try our Nage with asparagus – a great dish for the warmer days, especially if you add three scallops. We have also popped by Asia with our crispy Wontons and spicy Lobster Bao. And of course we should mention that everyone’s favourite, the classic MASH Tartare, is now back on the menu. 

Another classic making a comeback is the MASH Potatoes with bacon – it’s been missed! We’re also trying something new with our MASH Slaw, an acidic sidekick for any steak, and the delicious Truffle Fries!

Finally we’ve added two new Summer desserts to the menu: a deconstructed Lemon Tart and something as retro as a Banana Split – of course we’ve made our own MASH version of each.

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