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Congratulations to us!

1200X600 10years MashBull

In April 2009 we opened the very first MASH restaurant on Bredgade in Copenhagen. 

And as some easy calculations will show, this means that we can celebrate our 10-year anniversary this year!

Much has happened in those 10 years, more than we ever envisioned when we spent many sleepless nights at the end of the last decade researching locations and brainstorming concept and menu.  

Fortunately our concept worked, and we can no longer count our number of restaurants on two hands. 11 MASH restaurants in both Denmark and abroad has opened over the years – and we’re excited to continue bringing our dream to life.  

With meat of the highest quality, world class wine lists and sublime service, which is the corner stone of that special MASH experience, we hope to be part of the restaurant scene in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and far beyond country borders, for many years to come. 

We hope you want to come by your favourite MASH restaurant and celebrate this mile stone with us – like many of our great wines, we’ve only gotten better with age.