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MASH Penthouse opens on top of Copenhagen

2015 has been a big year for the MASH family. First, we opened MASH Rungsted; then, we arrived with a bang in Germany. This week, MASH is taking to the skies. Our newest arrival – the MASH Penthouse – is situated on the 12th floor of Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Hotel, and it has a view that speaks for itself. The restaurant has space for 90 diners inside and a roof terrace to ac...

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Nordic Sommelier 2015 found in the MASH ranks

It is no secret that our Sommelier’s at MASH mean business. So when our head sommelier at MASH London, Jess Kildetoft, jetted off to Iceland to compete for the title of Best Sommelier of the Nordic Countries, we were not surprised. Jess of course came home with the trophy in hand: ”I came in second at the Danish championship in February, so to finally claim the title as Sommeli...

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Guten Tag, Hamburg!

This week, we are welcoming a new addition to the MASH family – and this one’s in Germany. MASH Hamburg is opening its doors on Saturday 5th September, and their team kicked things off with the official launch party on Thursday evening. Over 800 guests arrived to welcome the restaurant in style, and by all accounts, it was a fabulous evening that only set the tone for things to...

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The Opening of a Sparkling New Location

MASH Rungsted opened its doors in June 2015 with a firework show of epic proportions to match our ambitions for this beautiful location. The restaurant lies overlooking the scenic Rungsted Harbour in picturesque surroundings north of Copenhagen. MASH Rungsted is sporting some of our best Private Dining rooms where our guests can host parties of any size, while leaving everythin...

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A new Le Sommelier

To safely bring Le Sommelier further, and into the future as a flagship restaurant of the French Kitchen in Denmark, we have gone through quite a journey within the last few months. The doors has been closed due to a total make-over. The doors are now back open and Le Sommelier are stoked to welcome customers back in to see what the fuzz is all about. A well-thought-out renovat...

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