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The Opening of a Sparkling New Location

MASH Rungsted opening

MASH Rungsted opened its doors in June 2015 with a firework show of epic proportions to match our ambitions for this beautiful location.

The restaurant lies overlooking the scenic Rungsted Harbour in picturesque surroundings north of Copenhagen. MASH Rungsted is sporting some of our best Private Dining rooms where our guests can host parties of any size, while leaving everything but the fun in our staff’s capable hands. Especially the sunny outdoor terrace is popular during the summer months and it is perfect for champagne toasts at any occasion. 

At Rungsted we also serve one of the best brunches in the country during the weekends – so there’s no excuse for keeping the kids indoors: a tasty brunch and a lovely walk along the harbour is just what the doctor prescribed!

If you missed the sky lighting up in tribute, you can see the fireworks working their magic right here (it's pretty long, but who get's tired of fireworks? Nobody):