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Nordic Sommelier 2015 found in the MASH ranks

kaelder mood7

It is no secret that our Sommelier’s at MASH mean business. So when our head sommelier at MASH London, Jess Kildetoft, jetted off to Iceland to compete for the title of Best Sommelier of the Nordic Countries, we were not surprised.

Jess of course came home with the trophy in hand: ”I came in second at the Danish championship in February, so to finally claim the title as Sommelier of the Nordic Countries 2015 is a great victory,” Jess said, upon his return. His victory was no easy feat, either. Having qualified with a second-place finish at the Danish championship, Jess was up against another Dane; two Swedes; two Finns; two Icelanders; and two Norwegians.

The competitors had to face four different challenges: a food and wine pairing, decantation of red wine, the adjustment of a wine list and a blind tasting. Jess collected the most points across all categories, but his victory also came down to his charisma, presence and presentation. The journey does not end here for Jess, though. He is now studying for one of the most prestigious qualifications in the world of wine: the Court of Master Sommeliers. 

Yes, Jess is a busy and talented man. But he still loves to have a chat about wine, so if you pay MASH London a visit, Jess might be your sommelier for the night. We have total faith in our award-winning sommelier, and we look forward to sharing his further adventures in the realm of wine with you!