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Watch a fireworks display at Skovriderkroen!

MASH nyhedsbrev

On Monday the 14th of December at 8.30PM you can see a marvellous show of fireworks in front of MASH Skovriderkroen – the perfect end to a delicious dinner in beautiful surroundings.

Apollo Fyrværkeri have delivered amazing fireworks for any occasion for more than 25 years. They’ll be at Bakken again this year to sell their great fireworks through a drive-in, so you can enjoy their beautiful assortment from your own garden on New Year’s Eve.

On the 14th of December, Apollo are displaying a grand fireworks show in front of MASH Skovriderkroen – an exciting experience for the whole family! You can marvel at the brilliant display after a delicious dinner at MASH, and if you’re into fireworks yourselves it’ll also be an inspiration for which fireworks to get from Apollo the day after. 

The show starts at 8.30PM, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy a dinner at MASH Skovriderkroen before – and for some dessert or a drink afterwards.

Wether you want to stop by the restaurant before or after the show, we recommend you book a table now:

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We’re excited to watch the spectacular fireworks with you – and don’t worry, there’s plenty of space in front of the restaurant to ensure a safe distance from both fireworks and each other.