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The new menu has landed!

MASH nyhedsbrev

Do you have a booking at MASH one of these days? If so, get ready to sink your teeth into our new dishes and wash them down with new wines and cocktails.

Wild Boar Ragout, Argentine Gambas Shrimp, Softshell Crab and Lobster in Champagne foam – these are some of the new starters on the menu, and as always, we’re striving for the highest quality and the best flavour experiences. 

Amongst the mains, we have also taken a dive into the sea, so you can enjoy a delicate Munkfish tail or try our new MASH Fish’n’Batter with Tartare sauce. If you’re not crazy about fish then don’t worry – our delicious cuts are kept the same, and you can of course still find our amazing MASH Tartare or Serrano ham among the starters. 

We have added a few new sides, a new seasonal dessert and some more ice cream flavours from Hansen Is – because there’s always room for ice cream. 

Besides the new dishes, we have also updated our wines and created new cocktails. Try, for example, our Beet It cocktail with Bulleit whiskey, ginger, lemon- and beetroot juice and egg whites – a new nordic Autumn-twist on the classic whiskey sour. A perfect start to the meal! 

Dive into the new menu!

Have you already decided which dishes you’d like to try first? 

We’re excited to serve you the new dishes, and to find our which one is your new favourite! If you haven’t booked a table at MASH already, you can do so here: 

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