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The gift that keeps on giving

Nyhedsbillede 17

We have launched our new MASH giftcards. The perfect gift for someone you hold dear, or for yourself – because you’re worth it!

The new MASH giftcard just keeps on giving. It can be topped up and used again and again. You can buy a giftcard with an optional amount on it as a gift or give yourself a card with an amount just for your personal steak use.

The giftcards can be used at any MASH restaurant in Denmark, Germany or England (except at Kastrup Airport). There are no fees or other costs when using the giftcard, just pure love of food in a pretty, red design.

Since the giftcard isn’t personalized, you can choose to use it yourself or give it to someone else afterwards – you can top to up as you go and use as much as you like. 

The giftcard is valid for one year after the most recent top up, but you can easily transfer money from one giftcard to another, or add several cards together on one card. Just be aware, that you cannot exchange the giftcard for cash or get leftover funds refunded.

You can purchase a giftcard at your nearest MASH – when you’re already there satisfying your hunger for delicious steaks.