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Scratch and win!

MASH nyhedsbrev 4

No Christmas without an advent calendar. So today we’re launching this year’s MASH calendar, where you can win delicious prizes every day.

Every day from the 1st until the 24th of December you can scratch to reveal a new prize on your phone – behind the doors edible prizes are waiting, that you can use at MASH.  

What are you waiting for? Open the first door today:

Scratch and win!

If your scratch doesn’t reveal a prize, you’ll instead get a ticket for our Advent raffle. Each Sunday until Christmas we’ll draw straws for a gift card to MASH, and the value will increase each Sunday: 1000,- kr. the first Sunday, 2000,- kr. the next Sunday, and so forth.

The more tickets you get – the better the odds! 

The fine print:

You can scratch every day from the 1st until the 24th of December. You have a chance to win a prize each day. If you don’t get a prize, you’ll get a ticket for our Advent raffle. 

All terms and conditions can be found when you enter the calendar by clicking above. Remember that you need to have a booking at MASH to claim your prizes. Each prize is valid for five days after you have received it as a voucher on your phone and you can have no more than three valid vouchers at a time. Can only be used at MASH restaurants in Denmark (excl. MASH Airport).