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This September it’s been 19 years since we opened our very first restaurant, Le Sommelier, which started us on the journey that had us found Copenhagen Concepts 10 years later – and the journey is no where near over.

A lot has happened in the past 19 years, both good and bad – luckily, mostly good, which is why we’re here today with nine MASH restaurants, both in Denmark and abroad, along with two internationally renowned restaurants, Le Sommelier and Umami. 

When we opened Le Sommelier in 1997 it was on a pool of blood, sweat and tears. We build and reconstructed the entire restaurant, painted 400 shelves for the wine cellar, refurbished chairs and crossed our fingers. When we didn’t have an alarm installed yet, the partners had to sleep (with sleeping bags, flashlights, baseball bats and a doberman) in the wine cellar, where the precious bottles lay unprotected.

We all stood together when the first big flash flooding hit Copenhagen in 2011. All employees, even the ones not working, came running to fight the masses of water rising in the basement of Umami. We used bags of rice instead of sand bags to keep the water at bay while we carried out freezers, office articles and furniture. 

Yes, we’re proud of the community we have build through the years. Even though we now count 600 people across three countries, we still remember when we were 14 employees in a half-finished restaurant on Bredgade in Copenhagen. And all employees at Copenhagen Concepts, wether they were here from the beginning or joined us recently, are a part of our history and has helped us get to where we are today.

One French bistro restaurant became an additional French/Japanese fusion restaurant and nine MASH restaurants – and the expansion continues. Our focus on high quality and service has been a success, but we haven’t done it alone.

It wouldn’t have been possible without all our lovely guests, so we hope that you want to come by one of our restaurants and wish us a happy birthday – we promise to serve the great food and wine, which as contributed to our success.