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International steakhouse opening in Odense


The Danish steakhouse, MASH, with restaurants in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Hamburg and London has chosen Odense as their next target. “Odense can be the new Aarhus, which all restaurant brands will flock to” says one of the owners, who expect the restaurant in Odense to be the last MASH in Denmark. From then on focus will be on expanding abroad. 

With eight popular restaurants, steakhouse brand MASH is known nationally and internationally as a quality chain of international standards. Now MASH has set its adoring eyes on Odense, where the owners of Copenhagen Concepts are planning to open on December 7th. The ninth MASH restaurant will be located in Bryggegården, Vestergade 11 and will seat 110 eating guests, have a beautiful private dining area and an ambitious bar. 

“We are very much looking forward to opening in Odense. We have been searching for the perfect location for quite some time, and now we have found it”, says Jesper Boelskifte, CEO of Copenhagen Concepts – the company behind the MASH restaurants a long with the restaurants Umami and Le Sommelier in Copenhagen.

It is Barfoed Group who is renting out the location, and the two parties are already working on making the rooms ready for the opening in December.

Odense can be the new Aarhus
In 2010 MASH opened a restaurant in Aarhus as the first outside of Copenhagen. The branch in Aarhus has since become one of the most popular in the MASH family, which besides Copenhagen and Aarhus includes restaurants in Copenhagen Airport, Rungsted, Klampenborg, London and Hamburg. Just as MASH was a frontrunner in opening their restaurant in Aarhus, the partners in Copenhagen Concepts are viewing a restaurant in Odense as a possibility for getting in early in a town on the gastronomical rise. 

“When we opened in Aarhus there wasn’t much attention on Aarhus as a restaurant city. Since then the town has received Michelin stars and now every branch wants a part of Aarhus. We’re seeing great potential in Odense, and we’re looking forward to becoming part of the city’s gastronomical development, “ says Mikkel Glahn, Partner & Marketing Manager in Copenhagen Concepts.

“Our focus on the highest quality of food, wine, interior and service means that our prices are in the high end of restaurant selections. This is why a MASH restaurant cannot be opened just anywhere, so our restaurant in Odense will most likely be our last MASH in Denmark. From now on our focus will be on our international expansion, i.e. in Germany, where we are seeing great potential”, says Mikkel Glahn. 

About MASH

  • Steakhouse brand with eight restaurants in Copenhagen, CPH Airport, Aarhus, London and Hamburg
  • Owned by the company Copenhagen Concepts, who is also behind Umami and Le Sommelier in Copenhagen
  • A modern American steakhouse with a wide selection of meat and cuts from cattle from USA, Uruguay, Australia, Germany, Japan and Denmark. Guests can look forward to tasting the mythical Kobe meat, which is known as the best in the world because of the high quality and special marbling, which MASH is the largest importer of.
  • An extensive winelist and an ambitious and well assorted bar
  • MASH has won several awards, amongst them MASH London was awarded best English chain in 2013. Since then MASH has been nominated for best restaurant several times.