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New Season, New Menu

Drommekage 1

Spring is coming (not that you’d know it from the weather) and with a new season comes a little update to our menu.

We’ve added 4 new starters to our offerings, swapping out some of our more autumnal dishes for some fresher, lighter ones. Take your pick from:

  • Scallop tortellini
  • Scallop carpaccio
  • Wagyu on toast
  • Pan fried lemon sole with asparagus

Our personal favourite is the wagyu on toast: Kobe wagyu, slow cooked into a rillette, on top of a brioche-style muffin and topped with a free range hen’s egg.

We’ve also added a new side dish that is sure to be a hit: chili cheese balls. Think jalapeno, bacon and three types of cheese (cream cheese, mozzarella, and comte), coated in a combination of panko and chili nacho crumbs – we are already expecting these spicy devils to rival our creamed spinach for more popular side dish.

MASH chili cheese balls

Finally, we’d like to introduce our most picture-perfect dessert yet: the MASH Dream Cake. A modern interpretation of a classic Danish Drømmekage (translated literally, dream cake – hence the name!), this is a vanilla sponge topped with vanilla ice cream, a veritable cloud of dark brown sugar foam and coconut crunch. Yes, it is as dreamy as it sounds.