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House Rules at MASH


As a company we have a great responsibility for both our guests' and our employee' safety.

Based on the government's rules and our business union's guidelines we have these House Rules to secure us all:

  • All guests must show valid corona passport or test as well as ID such as driver's licence, yellow health card or passport. Valid tests are:
    • Negative corona test max. 72 hours old from when taken
    • Positive test min. 2 weeks old and max. 6 months old
    • Full vaccination program at least 2 weeks old
  • Children under 15 years are not required to be tested, but might be asked to document their age.
  • People with physical / mental limitations are not required to be tested or show corona passport.
  • People excepted from test/mask, should inform about this on arrival, and will be registered in the booking note, thus enabling us to assist the authorities, if corona passport / test are being verified.
  • Everybody should wear mask or face shield, when standing and walking in the restaurant. Children under 12 excepted.
  • MASH has the right to reject guests not following our House Rules

 We look foreward to welcome our guests again to a secure and safe restaurant experience, where we all can enjoy the re-opening!