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Christmas Lunch season is right around the corner

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Are you mentally prepared to be merry with friends, family and colleagues? 

Hold your Christmas party at MASH to save yourself the dirty dishes and try something new. 

At MASH we’re ready to host your party at any of our restaurants (Airport excluded) – we’ve got juicy steaks, the very best wine and of course traditional ris a la mande for everybody. 

If you’re keen to switch out the pickled herring with well-prepared steaks and change the schnapps to wine, MASH is the right place for you. And don’t worry, we’re got the Christmas decorations in place and enough merriment to share.

We’ve got private dining rooms across the country, and we’re happy to welcome parties of all sizes, from 8 to 230 guests – you can book an entire restaurant, if you so wish. We’re here to help you find the best solution for you, so the Christmas peace is ensured.

No matter if you’d like to take your Christmas party to new heights in Midtjylland, on Fyn or in Nordsjælland, we’re ready to help you create a party you’d late forget. 

Book a table here!

Or call us on +45 33 13 93 00 to discuss how we can make sure your Christmas party will be a joyous success.