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MASH supports Christmas Lunch for the socially vulnerable

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On December 24th the supermarkets close their doors and many won’t open again until December 27th. Lots of food and produce cannot keep during the holidays and might just get thrown out. 

Luckily, Netto is collaborating with famous chefs across the country to avoid this. More than 100 Netto stores are donating food that won’t be able to keep, to charitable organizations, who make sure that the food goes to those who need it the most.

A total of 12 Christmas Lunches will be held across the country, where different chefs will cook up delicious Christmas dishes and festive meals, using the food Netto has donated, so the food won’t go to waste. The lunches are for socially vulnerable people and others, who for any reason is not able to feed themselves and/or their families the usual feast this Christmas.  

MASH supports this cause and we’re sending our talented chef, Mikkel Nielsen, from MASH Bredgade to Esbjerg to whip up a delicious meal for those, who need it. 

– it feels great to be able to give back during the holidays. That’s what Christmas is all about: giving. At MASH we do all we can to fight food waste, and combined with the opportunity to create a good experience for the needy, there was no doubt that we wanted to take part, says Marketing Manager in Copenhagen Concepts, Mikkel Glahn. 

It’s expected that about 1000 people will be fed with delicious Christmas classics at the charitable lunches.