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Buy a giftcard for mum – and get 33% off!

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With Mother’s Day coming up and nothing but closed restaurants, the celebration of upcoming holidays is a bit different this year.

But we hope that you’ll use this occasion to delay the party a bit, and buy a giftcard to MASH for your mother, father, or just someone you’re missing a lot in these times of isolation.

If you buy a giftcard to MASH of more than 300,- kr. in the next three weeks, you’ll now automatically get 33% off! So if you buy a giftcard with a value of 500,- kr., your giftcard will only cost you 335,- kr.

At MASH we’re anxious to open our doors again and do, what we do best. Which is to serve juicy steaks, the best wines and to spoil all guests, who visit our restaurants.  

It is no secret that it’s hurting both our soul and our budget not being able to grill your steaks, serve up delicious desserts and enticing starters, or to find the perfect wine or cocktail for your MASH experience.

We hope you’ll want to buy a giftcard, so you can share the joy of good food and good company – as soon as we open our doors again. 

Buy a giftcard here!

The discount will be added for all giftcards purchased online over the next three weeks (until April 14th).

The giftcards can be used at all MASH restaurants in Denmark (excl. Airport).