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Spring's menu at MASH

Finally, we can welcome the spring months, and with that comes a change in our menu. Dive into the new dishes here, which you can enjoy at MASH right now. Three times a year, the menu at MASH changes, and it always happens in relation to the turn of the year. Each season has its own qualities and wonderful produce, which we make a virtue of adding to our menu. This means that y...

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Spring’s menu at MASH is arriving

Spring is on its way, and with that comes a new menu offering delicious dishes and the best seasonal produce when the menu changes on February 22.  3-4 times a year, the menu at MASH changes. This is done in accordance with the changing seasons, ensuring that the menu always follows the season's produce. This time, spring-fresh dishes are on the way, and if you want to be one o...

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Experience Winter Gourmet at MASH

During the winter holidays, we welcome you to a gastronomic experience at MASH when we open the doors to Winter Gourmet 2023 taking place February 10th to 19th.  The gourmet festival DinnerDays, which you know from the winter and autumn holidays, has changed into Winter Gourmet. The principle is the same, and you can, as always, enjoy a delicious 3-course menu at a very favorab...

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World’s Best Steak at MASH

We’re proud to present this steak on MASH's menu — and it’s not just any steak. In fact, it was awarded the highest possible accolade at the World Steak Challenge 2022: World’s Best Steak.  Akune Gold, as the World’s Best Steak is named, is now on the MASH menu; an A5 Striploin, approx. 200 grams. Akune Gold has a very limited availability and is the most special experience for...

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Restaurant Levi receives Interior Design prize of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that Restaurant Levi is the winner of BLT Built Design Awards Interior Design prize 2022!   BLT Build Design Awards runs four annual programs, including Interior Design of the Year. This program awards “talented designers whose projects push boundaries and demonstrate clear evidence that the many challenges of today’s world are taken into considerati...

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