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Graduation celebrations at MASH

All across the country new graduates are receiving their diplomas, and this calls for celebration. We’ve got the settings for the celebratory dinners for the graduate and their families at MASH! Book a table for your graduate party at MASH and enjoy a delicious dinner with plenty of champagne and flags on the table – the only way to properly celebrate a new graduate.  At MASH w...

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Celebrate Skt. Hans at MASH

Due to coronavirus, most Skt. Hans bonfires have unfortunately been cancelled this year, but we’re lighting up the grill on Skt. Hans, the 23rd of June! Instead of flocking to the bonfires this year, we recommend inviting your family or friends for a delicious Skt. Hans dinner at MASH – we’ve got plenty of flames at the grill, and we’ll join in for a Midsummer’s tune! We’re ser...

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Father’s Day at MASH

Now that MASH is open again, it’s time to celebrate the man in your life with a gift, you know he’ll appreciate: a great steak in great company.   The 5th of June is Father’s Day, and is there a better excuse to take your dad, the father of your children (or pets), or grandfather, to MASH? You can pamper the man in your life with a juicy steak, delicious sides, great wine and o...

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Whit Brunch and Whit Lunch at MASH

Whit Monday is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to celebrate this Bank Holiday with you at either MASH Skovriderkroen or MASH Rungsted Havn! Whit Monday, the 1st of June, our delicious brunch is ready for you at MASH Skovriderkroen from 9.30AM to 2PM. It contains both bread and pastry, salads, steaks, egg in many different shapes and of course both fresh and sweet trea...

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Buy a giftcard for mum – and get 33% off!

With Mother’s Day coming up and nothing but closed restaurants, the celebration of upcoming holidays is a bit different this year. But we hope that you’ll use this occasion to delay the party a bit, and buy a giftcard to MASH for your mother, father, or just someone you’re missing a lot in these times of isolation. If you buy a giftcard to MASH of more than 300,- kr. in the nex...

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