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Le Sommelier



Bistro Sommelier


Le Sommelier is the ideal place to experience a timeless club frequented by bourgeois society.

It’s where you’ll meet businessmen and women. Members of the Royal Family. The cultural elite and connoisseurs who often come for lunch or dinner to indulge in iconic French dishes, such as foie gras piglet and crêpes suzette. Boasting a cellar with over 1600 varieties of wine specially selected by our accredited wine experts.

Le Sommelier is a brasserie with all that the term implies, when it come to energy and atmosphere. The rooms are elegant, spacious and full of light. The service is smooth, attentive and considered the best in town.

At the Brassiere, the wine, the food and the setting are the appealing characteristics. In fact, Le Sommelier is recognised as one of the very best French bistros in Denmark, where an extensive selection of the best wines compliment an uncompromising French cuisine. Everything at Le Sommelier echoes their passion for their profession.

In September 2017 we evolved the concept of Le Sommelier by opening a Café-version called Café du Sommelier in Düsseldorf.