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Welcome Back: Get a free cocktail at MASH!

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After a hot and at times wet Summer, we now welcome you all back at MASH with a delicious cocktail – for free!

We have missed all of you, and we’re very grateful for everyone who has visited us since COVID19 hit Denmark. We’re excited to share our current menu with your – so we have a small gift for everyone, who has made an evening booking with us from August 17th until September 39th 2020. 

One our our great successes, and an especially thirst-quenching cocktail in the Summer heat, is our Ginger Passion. This is why we’re now offering you this delicious cocktail when you’re having dinner at MASH – for free! You can even share the gift with a friend, so you both can enjoy something cold and refreshing.

Get your voucher by texting MASH to 1272 or click here

The gift can be used from 17th of August until 30th of September 2020, and cannot be exchanged for cash or other products, and cannot be combined with other offers or campaigns. To use the voucher, you have to have a dinner reservation in your name at MASH and have signed up for the newsletter, the voucher is redeemed at the table.   

When you have sent the text, you’ll receive a link where you can redeem your voucher. You have the option to share a free Ginger Passion cocktail with a friend at the table, using the ‘Share with a friend’-feature in the app, after you’ve redeemed your own voucher. So if you have a dinner reservation for two people, you can both enjoy something refreshing before, during og after your dinner. (You can share the voucher using text or smart-QR code at the table). 

We can’t wait to see you! 

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The voucher is valid at all MASH restaurants in Denmark and can only be redeemed during a dinner reservation.