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Super steaks and succulent shellfish

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The MASH menu is changing on October 7th and we have loads of new delicious dishes on the card – we can’t wait!

How can we express our excitement without giving away too much? We can reveal that we have six new starters for you to explore, four new mains … and one beloved classic making a grand return. 

Amongst the starters you can prepare for succulent shellfish, plenty of Omega-3 and a tribute to our old sister restaurant, Umami. 

When you’re ready to sink your teeth into our juicy steaks there’s plenty to look forward to; there are new cuts and plenty of old favorites, you wouldn’t want to go without. And if you fancy going green, we have new tempting treats.  

And the beloved classic? It’s time to gather your friends and dive into this guest favourite. It’s big. It’s tender and juicy. It comes form down-under. And we won’t reveal anything else.  

With the new menu we’ll also treat you to new wines by the glass, new cocktails and of course new desserts for Autumn. 

If you want to be one of the first to dive head-first into our new menu it’s time to book a table. 

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