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MASH supports Christmas Lunch for the socially vulnerable

On December 24th the supermarkets close their doors and many won’t open again until December 27th. Lots of food and produce cannot keep during the holidays and might just get thrown out.  Luckily, Netto is collaborating with famous chefs across the country to avoid this. More than 100 Netto stores are donating food that won’t be able to keep, to charitable organizations, who ma...

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MASH wants you

WE ARE LOOKING FORSKILLED, DEDICATED AND MOTIVATED MANAGERS, ASSISTANT MANAGERS, CHEFS, BARTENDERS, SOMMELIERS, WAITERS, AND HOSTESSES. We are in need of your talent, skills and good spirit to deliver an outstanding dining experience for our guests at our upcoming restaurant in Frederiksberg and existing restaurants in Bredgade and Charlottenlund. You must be uent in both Danis...

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Wine guide: Christmas dinner with the Sommeliers favourites

Christmas is about giving – but the holiday food and drink often take focus. Each year the great Christmas dinner is prepared, which consists of classic fatty and spiced food, and the big questions is often: which wines go well with this classic dinner? Sommelier Jesper Boelskifte, known from MASH, has his own traditions and favorites when it comes to Christmas dinner and the w...

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MASH opens on Gammel Kongevej 116

In september MASH announced that the partners behind the restaurant was looking at locations on Frederiksberg. Now everything is settled and MASH can announce the adress and opening date for the steak empires eleventh restaurant.  Copenhagen Concepts, the company behind the succesful MASH restaurants in Denmark, England and Germany, have long been keeping an eye out on Frederik...

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MASH celebrates one year in Odense by launching a delicious competition

The Steakhouse restaurant on Flakhaven celebrates its one year anniversay by giving away a birthday dinner for 10 people at MASH. On December 6th it’s exactly a year ago to the day, that MASH opened its doors with delicious cocktails, juicy steaks and great wines. The reception and interest from the inhabitants, politicians and businesses was overwhelming and gave MASH a great ...

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