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Umami is Copenhagen's Japanese-French fusion restaurant where unique experiences are for the many, not the few. The dining experience is based on the Japanese culinary philosophy of natural, seasonal ingredients, which is intensified and highlighted by the substance and tradition of French cuisine. We go for the best of both worlds.

Both the restaurant and the bar are for those who want high quality, great tastes, and creativity. Simply put, Umami is modern and informal, down to earth but ambitious. 

With a simple concept, Umami aims to introduce tastes and expressions in a price range that allows more people to take part, and we're doing just that without compromising on the experience as a whole; décor, service, knowledge, food, and drink come together in greater unity. Grounded in a great commitment to professional gastronomy, we at Umami would like to share our passion for modern cuisine. 

The restaurant offers an extensive and intensive introduction to the entire Japanese cuisine, which includes fish, meat, and vegetarian dishes, and we are committed to proving that Japanese cuisine is more than just sushi. 

In order to offer our guests the best total experience, Umami also has an ambitious bar, Kabuku. Our selection of wines, saké, and cocktails makes Umami the obvious social gathering point, even after dinner.